Cancer Snapshot

A poem, of sorts


You will get mouth sores.

With mouth sores, drinking and eating are difficult.

Nausea, dehydration will land you in the hospital, where all the germs are kept.

Start today

8 ounces water

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon baking soda




4 times or more daily.



Jab 4/13/2019

*The prompt was “write about water.”

The day after chemo education

4 thoughts on “Cancer Snapshot

  1. “Write about water” ought to be inspiring pleasant things like beachside lounging. I’m sorry this is your reality right now. Praying, and looking forward to when it can be about water in a context that brings you joy.

  2. Well, Thais doesn’t sound like much fun at all! I’ll be praying for the mouth sores to subside and for your body to stay as healthy as it possibly can ❤️

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