Copyright 2010 Julie Ann Benison

The banner for Rocking Chair Theologian, Phases, hangs in Ramoth House, the domestic violence shelter operated by Safe Haven Ministries.  It was made as one of a pair (the other seen here) in honor of Safe Haven’s 20th anniversary in 2010.  When displayed together, these two quilts represent the commitment in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to end domestic abuse as Christ’s love demands.   Here is evidence that our community longs for the wholeness and integrity of our families.  We are 20 years closer to having it.

Phases is an aid to  meditation for women in shelter inspired by the cycles of grief and joy that mark a journey to wholeness.  The struggle through darkness is not the end of the story, but a temporary reality.  Where are you today?  May you endure the struggle.  May you be infused with the light of hope.

Debut of “Cloud of Witnesses: Phases”
11/18/2010 Copyright Julie Ann Benison

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