Because I Can Do Hard Things

Tomorrow will be my first gym day after active cancer treatment. I’ve spent the entire summer in flip-flops (no real hardship there!) because of chemo. I had mild neuropathy, a predictable side effect of chemo that made shoes painful to wear. But the gym requires shoes, not flip-flops. Obviously. So today is a pedicure day so the toenails will be in good shape for weight bearing exercise.

Meanwhile, my bone density scan last week has revealed osteopenia, also a cancer thing, that will get worse as I start on anti-hormone therapy going forward. I will add calcium to the pillboxes multiplying around the house.

Goals for tomorrow are modest but real:

  1. Show up.
  2. Complete the warmup.

Bonus points if I don’t cry.

Healing points if I do.

Update: Bonus points were awarded.