The Two Best Days at Radiation

Both had to do with other patients and care givers.

When my daughter was home, she drove me to radiation. That automatically made those days better than all other days. One day we had an unusually long wait for my turn. That happens sometimes when another patient has a particularly awful treatment plan that takes a wrecking ball to the department’s schedule. Lord, have mercy on They Who Endure. Anyway, she had noticed a stash of children’s books on the fireplace that was never lit maybe because it was summer. Included among them was a Winnie The Pooh. She proceeded to read it aloud to me and by extension the other patients around us. The lady across from me also hung on every word, smiling all the while because it was “a sustaining book such as might help and comfort a stout bear in great tightness” (apologies to A. A. Milne, this is how I remember the quote, not fact checked by anyone). All of us were indeed sustained and comforted. Perhaps I’ll tell you about the other best day another time.

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