Last Day of Radiation

In the Manner of “Good Night, Moon”

Goodbye dance card, goodbye check in.

Goodbye locker, goodbye gown. Goodbye hallway cavernous and long. Goodbye fireplace never lit.

Goodbye happy techs, goodbye signs. Goodbye stand mixer, attachments and tin.

Goodbye lasers, goodbye cabinets.

Goodbye bolus, cradle, and table.

Goodbye Dr. Kastner, goodbye Paula.

Goodbye Janice.

Thank you for taking care of me.

I don’t believe I shall miss you.

3 thoughts on “Last Day of Radiation

  1. I’m curious about the role of the stand mixer😄
    The end of a long journey, and I am sure they hope to never see you again too, in the best way.
    Blessings upon your healing.
    Love you, Dianne

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