Monday begins Cycle 3 of 4

“The status is not quo.” I would very much like for this status to never become “quo.” Cycle two had too much drama. I’m still bruised from the port re-install and this new one is bothersome and makes driving very uncomfortable. Being a passenger is no problem.

I am theoretically halfway through the four treatments, but not through all the side effects.  I now get quite tired very easily, the kind of tired that settles in around and behind the eyes and about the shoulders like a shawl (one I knitted, of course). I have some very lightweight hoodies that fit loosely on the head and are helpful for the change in temperatures while also giving me some measure of retreat. Kind of like swaddling.

Speaking of my noggin, I still have some hair. Go figure. It is not enough hair to keep me warm.  In fact, I get quite cold (see above). I also made some bandannas out of batiks and other fabrics I love, some from my stash. They’re a nice change from my previously made beanie style hat, though I also still like those!

Looking ahead, we’ve added more surgery to the plan. It was decided last week that a hysterectomy is necessary. I had thought that a D&C before cycle 1 had resolved the issue with a “nope, no cancer here” finding, yet here we are. Scheduling the procedure was awful with too many doctors having their say in the matter.  I had hoped to get it done between chemo 3 and 4, but no such luck. They’d rather prolong my incapacity to the max. Recovery will be about 6 weeks and I don’t yet know how this will impact radiation. My hope is that it won’t be delayed more than a couple weeks. Henceforth, I shall think of July 17 as “Menopause Day.”

Meanwhile, I shall endeavor to remain in the present. Planning this stuff forces one to do too many days’ worth of trouble in advance.

7 thoughts on “Monday begins Cycle 3 of 4

  1. Yes, take each day as it comes and try to block out the future weeks. I know that is not entirely possible when “scheduling”. I am sure Ani is a big help to you. Love you, Julie.~Aunt Paula

  2. Oh, Julie, I’m so sorry. How frustrating. Do you need meals coordinated for now and/or when you are recovering from your hysterectomy?

    • There is a meal train “for Jim and Julie”. It was set up by Anna Radcliffe.
      The biggest need is the first week or so after chemo and then again second half of July. Radiation is unknown yet as to what we’ll need. Thank you

      • I’d love to help with meals if there are any slots left. Unfortunately, Meal Train isn’t searchable, so I’d have to have the link. If there are any open slots now or added dates later, maybe Anna could PM it to me or post it on your Facebook page (probably plenty of us would love to fill up that calendar).

  3. My dearest Julie, thank you for keeping us updated. We will pray for your surgery to go well. We think and pray for you every day.
    Please send me your address as I want to send something to you.
    You are deeply loved 💕🙏🏼

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