Gram’s Quilt and artist statement

Gram's Quilt, 2006

Gram’s Quilt, 2006

*The artist statement was written at the time I presented her with the quilt.  Evelyn celebrated her 100th birthday this past spring and welcomed her newest great grandaughter who was named after her the same month.  (JAB 10/24/2015)

When my grandmother, Evelyn Pike, asked for a quilt to use that would make the bed in her study look less like a bed and more like a study, the pattern “Snail’s Trail” immediately suggested inteself.  This pattern illustrates Gram’s life.  It depends on intertwining of contrast, etics and emics, in color. We remember Gramps because Gram is most fully understood in the embrace of the man whose life and work she shared.

The blues in Snail’s Trail echo the heavans who declare that God is glorious; his care for us and his majesty are expressed by Psalm 19:1-4 in four different languages significant in Gram’s life – French, Spanish, English and Mixtec.

The main body of the quilt has more than 50 fabrics and is constructed with 48 blocks, each containing 20 individually sewn patches (960 total).

The backing, not pictured here, uses Guatemalan textile motifs, significant to my life with Gram, as she introduced me to the world beyond Michigan as a young teenager in Guatemala in 1985.

It was said of Gram’s father, “Papo,” that he was a man of God who shone like the stars of the universe.  In his honor, and because her daughter carries his love of God’s people, her pillow top coordinate is quilted in stars using metallic blue thread.

It has been my joy working this quilt for Gram.  With each step in the process I experience her grace, remember her courage, celebrate her life, pray for her continued blessing from the Lord.

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